During these difficult COVID-19 times, public trainings are for now all online live streamed sessions. 

  • Trainings covering 1 or more days are now split into two or four afternoon sessions (13:15-17:00) with breaks in between
  • All guidelines and practicalities will be emailed when registered
  • The training content will be provided in advance in PDF format
  • A minimum of 4 participants is required for us to hold the course

Next to these public trainings we also offer on-demand online or onsite trainings. Contact us for more info.
The "I'm interested" trainings have a waiting list, as soon as four people are interested a session will be planned.

Trainings with a view focusing on Engineering. A complete path from basics to in-depth knowledge is available.


Overview of Cable Technologies (1d)   Nov 8 & 10 PM Register now
(Euro)DOCSIS Technology and Protocol Level 1 (2d)     Register now
(Euro)DOCSIS Refresher (1d)   Sep 28-29 PM Register now
DOCSIS 3.1 (2d)   Dec 13-14 & Dec 16-17 PM Register now
New!  DOCSIS 3.1 Refresher (1/2d)     Register now
New!  DOCSIS 4.0 (1d)   Dec 7-9 PM Register now
NEW!  Low latency DOCSIS (1/2d)   Oct 19 PM Register now
Distributed CCAP Architectures - R-PHY (1/2d)   Oct 12 PM Register now
(Euro)DOCSIS Technology and Protocol Level 2 (2d)   Oct 11-12 & Oct 14-15 PM Register now
eRouter explained (1/2d)   Nov 9 PM Register now
Introduction to HFC Networks (1/2d)   Oct 29 AM Register now
On request
FREE - online (EURO)DOCSIS troubleshooting hands-on training using XRA-31 (1h)     I'm interested
Fundamentals of EuroPacket Cable 2.0 (2d)     I'm interested
(Euro)DOCSIS Technology and Protocol Level 1 FRENCH session (2d)     I'm interested
Introduction to Data Communication Systems (1/2d)     I'm interested
Introduction to EuroPacketCable (2d)     I'm interested
DOCSIS 3.1 Essentials (1/2d)     I'm interested
DOCSIS: BSOD L2VPN explained (1/2d)     I'm interested
Wi-Fi (1d) EU     I'm interested
Wi-Fi 6 (1/2d) EU     I'm interested
Wi-Fi (1d) USA     I'm interested
Wi-Fi 6 (1/2d) USA     I'm interested
(Euro)DOCSIS Workshop     I'm interested
Wi-Fi Workshop     I'm interested
ByteBlower Workshop     I'm interested