Independent test lab
focussing on DOCSIS® technology,
Wi-Fi® Performance and more.


Having questions or challenges in DOCSIS® or Wi-Fi® networks?
We can help.


Introductory and advanced technology training for cable and Wi-Fi®, to name a few topics.


Discover the ByteBlower® network traffic test tool, VoIPexaminer® and more.


New year, new release: ByteBlower 2.8 makes testing easier and faster

Excentis is setting the tone for 2018 with a new...

Excentis welcomes the world’s leading Remote-PHY and DOCSIS® 3.1 network equipment vendors during interoperability test week

From 8 - 12 May 2017 in Gent (Belgium), 35...

DOCSIS® 3.1 and Remote PHY/MAC-PHY interoperability testing event at Excentis

From May 8-12, 2017 in Ghent, Belgium, the...
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Revamping our training program – to match your needs

From basic and in-depth courses on WiFi, DOCSIS...

SFP+ compatibility issues? Here are 5 troubleshooting tips!

Have you ever tried to plug an optic SFP+...

Two ways to test network throughput using ByteBlower

The first step after installing a new network is...

Probing DOCSIS 3.1 messages: translating a light-speed language

From an engineering point of view, DOCSIS 3.1...
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