Independent test lab
focussing on DOCSIS® technology,
Wi-Fi® Performance and more.


Having questions or challenges in DOCSIS® or Wi-Fi® networks?
We can help.


Introductory and advanced technology training for cable and Wi-Fi®, to name a few topics.


Discover the ByteBlower® network traffic test tool, VoIPexaminer® and more.


Succesful second DOCSIS® 3.1 interoperability testing event at Excentis

From June 20th to 24th, Excentis hosted a...

Excentis Launches DOCSIS Signing Tool

The Excentis CodeSigner DOCSIS® Signing Tool...

Distributed CCAP Architectures training

We are developing a new training course on...
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Wi-Fi Roaming Gotchas

We need Wi-Fi everywhere! People are expecting...

PacketCable 2.0 EDVA Config Files

In this blog post we will build a PacketCable™ 2...

How to create a dashboard for traffic tests

This blog post shows how to use the Dashing...

Using the Excentis DOCSIS Signing Tool to co-sign software images

DOCSIS 3.1 introduces a whole new range of...
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