Access Network Technology Equipment Manufacturers

As an access-network technology equipment manufacturer, you are right at the root of the connectivity that is reshaping the world these days. Still, you’re not alone out there. So make sure you stand out.

Capitalize on red-hot new technologies and deliver products that ensure a stellar Quality of Experience to win customers ánd retain them. We can help you keep up with the fast pace of innovation, while saving costs.

Test properly, launch fast and insure stellar quality

For over 20 years, Excentis has been a tremendous (often hidden) asset to many of the worlds’s leading access-network technology equipment manufacturers. Whether you deliver cable (DOCSIS®, …), fiber (PON) or wireless equipment (5G, satellite, Wi-Fi), we work as a trusted partner, together with your team, to help you:

Design innovative, high quality products

Stability, speed, buffer control, latency: your access technology needs to tick ever more boxes. Looking for a second opinion, wrestling with a hard-to-solve issue or lacking the capacity for thorough testing before you launch that new piece of innovative equipment?

Rely on our expert eye to validate key performance parameters of first hardware iterations, evaluate your designs, do a root-cause analysis or perform detailed stress or key certification tests, in close collaboration with your team.

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Keep quality high and accelerate your go-to-market

Fish out faulty units in manufacturing, pinpoint the root cause of an issue or debug failures in a live environment, optimize your test throughput and reducing test time, so you can launch new products faster.

Excentis has extensive experience in tuning the operational parameters and testing access-network technology. We will help out with the set-up and implementation of your next-generation stateful traffic testing to assure more insights during SQA and general performance testing.

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Reduce initial setup cost

Prefer doing the testing yourself? Access our lab remotely and use identical tests and tools as used by service providers or certification labs. In this way, you’ll save on engineering and lab costs and relieve your engineers from setting up (and maintaining) test resources that are only used for early design validation.

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Stay on top of your game

Since your team will be working with ours, the knowledge will flow in both directions, creating a real win-win collaboration.

On top of that, we organize a broad range of dedicated trainings for (support) engineering teams. From existing courses to custom trainings, basic or deep dive, either live or online, at our offices or yours: just choose the training you need to get or remain up to speed and learn how to drive your business forward.

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Let's get started

  • We’re the experts – ever since the DOCSIS standard was launched.
  • We have a well-equipped lab with our very own state-of-the-art solutions: ByteBlower traffic generator, XRA DOCSIS real-time analyzer, Wi-Fi house – to help us validate and test devices and pinpoint any problem cropping up.
  • Moreover, we can customize our toolchains to enable access to next-gen measurements or test vectors.
  • We work in close cooperation with your – engineering, product marketing, … – teams to deliver the test results that matter most, and within the desired timelines.
  • We’re independent: a trusted, unbiased partner, for operators as well as vendors.

Excentis is an expert team of network, hardware and software engineers, testers and trainers, with decades of lab and field experience, a passion for optimization, automation and natural aversion to latency. How can we help?

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