Network Lab
& Testing as a Service

Cut costs dramatically and launch high-quality solutions faster, better, smarter.

Extensive testing is a must to ensure the success of networks and network equipment. Quick ad-hoc tests, however, will not do. Lacking the resources, people, skills, lab infrastructure or tools for extensive in-house testing? Cut costs, reduce your time to market and deliver the high-quality network (equipment) that today’s connected world needs.

Lab and testing as a service: how it works

Real-world testing, diagnosing, and optimizing the functionality, performance, stability and quality of service of networks and equipment is complex and time-intensive. More than deep-rooted expertise, you also need state-of-the-art measurement tools that tick many boxes – resources and gear that are too expensive for many network equipment manufacturers or service providers to invest in.

Enter our testing and lab as a service offering, which comes in two flavors:

Testing as a Service

Call in our help to assess and validate equipment, designs, and architectures, automate your testing process, and solve specific issues, either in our own test lab or at your premises.

Lab as a Service

Make use of our test lab and/or tools to take your testing to a higher level. Our lab is equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment; including a series of testbeds to run specific tests or test under specific conditions. Rather rent our test equipment for use at your premises? We‘ll bring it over! By the way: we are always around – on-site or remotely – to help you solve even the toughest issue that might crop up during testing.

The Wi-Fi House

Realistic testing in our dedicated Wi-Fi house

To run reliable Wi-Fi tests and measurements, you need numerous different configurations, realistic set-ups, and real-life devices. That is what makes our Wi-Fi house so unique: a fully equipped test and measurement machine to conduct representative and reproducible Wi-Fi tests, resulting in trustworthy recommendations.

Wi-Fi Testing House

3 clear reasons to go as-a-service

1. Deliver exceptional products and services

Uncover and resolve issues early in the product/service introduction lifecycle
and maximize performance, stability, and reliability.

3. Reduce CAPEX investments and save costs

No need to invest in expensive lab infrastructure or highly-skilled experts. We have the expertise, equipment, tools, and processes for quick, cost-effective testing.

2. Accelerate time to market

Extensive testing automation shortens research and development, while speeding up the launch of novel solutions.

Excentis is an expert team of network, hardware and software engineers, testers and trainers, with decades of lab and field experience, a passion for optimization, automation and natural aversion to latency. How can we help?

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What Our Customers
Say About Our Service

Optimized parameters not only resulted in a boost in overall performance, PŸUR even scored a whopping 100% in Download and Upload Data Tests.

Thomas Anders

Director of Engineering at PYUR

No new investment was needed to test Wi-Fi 6E, ByteBlower wireless endpoints are compatible with new devices out-of-the-box. Wi-Fi 7 will be no different!

Russell Bean

Manager IP Operations at Cable & Wireless

The Excentis training course exceeded our high expectations. In depth yet accessible to a broad audience. Technical topics but never boring!

Endika Miragaya

Delivery Manager at Vodafone Group Services Düsseldorf

Thank you for your excellent work. We found the report very interesting and were happy to see the quality of choices quantified and objectively confirmed.

Henrik Häggman

Product Manager for Broadband Services at Tele2, Sweden

With support of the Excentis engineering team, we constructed an initial setup and successfully performed a first trial run in less than an hour!

Proximus In-Home Solutions Team

Proximus In-Home Solutions Team

Proximus logo

With professional guidance and willing to adapt to our specific needs, we could test the device in a way that makes most sense to our customers. We highly recommend them for your business.

Martin Åberg

Strategic Product Manager Broadband & Proptech, Telenor Sverige AB