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Distributed CCAP Architectures - R-PHY

(Euro)DOCSIS Technology and Protocol Level 1

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Prerequisites: Understand the architecture of an HFC network and basic understanding of (Euro)DOCSIS technology

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Training Overview

As bandwidth capacity needs grow rapidly, there is increasing pressure on headend and HFC infrastructure. New modular distributed headend architectures are hot topics to address the need for smaller scale and more flexible options. The basic idea around Distributed Access Architectures (DAA) is to distribute some or all the functionality of CMTS/CCAP from headend down to a remote location.

If you want to know why distributed architectures are a hot topic, what Remote PHY is all about, what the difference with a Remote CCAP architecture is… then this course is for you. We will look at the specs, not the marketing.​​

  • Gain key insights in current and future remote cable architectures​
  • R-PHY & R-MAC-PHY advantages and challenges​
  • Get to know the protocols (GCP, R-DEPI/R-UEPI, R-DTI) R-PHY is using to make this (more complex) distributed system work​
  • Synchronize time using PTP​
  • How to provision and monitor all the RPDs, and upgrade them,…​
  • How to add analog services over the new digital optics using Out Of Band (OOB)​
  • How to compare R-PHY with R-MAC-PHY solutions​

Course Overview


  • Driving forces · Challenges · Evolution of CMTS and HFC architectures


  • Remote PHY · Remote MAC + PHY · C-DOCSIS I, II, III · SPLIT-MAC, … ​


  • MHA review and MHAv2 architecture · GCP Control plane · R-DEPI and R-UEPI data plane · R-DTI and PTP timing and synchronization · Provisioning and configuration of R-PHY device · RPD software upgrade


  • R-MAC-PHY system examples

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