CodeSigner DOCSIS® Signing Tool

The Excentis CodeSigner DOCSIS Signing Tool offers both Cable Modem vendors and operators the ability to sign and co-sign Cable Modem software images, both for real deployment and testing purposes.


  • Signing and co-signing of unsigned images or re-signing of signed images
  • Co-signing of manufacturer-signed images
  • Supports both (Euro)DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1
  • Uses current or predefined timestamp as signing time
  • Validates co-signing or manufacturer signatures
  • Platform-independent command-line tool written in Java™
  • The command line interface makes it scriptable and allows it to integrate with backoffice tools

What does it look like?

It's a command line tool.

Usage example

The blog post "Using Excentis' DOCSIS Signing Tool to co-sign software images" explains how co-signing software images helps with getting correct and trusted software on all deployed cable modems.

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