All trainings are currently offered as virtual sessions or in-person (on-demand or public). Very interactive and with ample Q&A time!


The 2022 Training Schedule is here!

Download the 2022 Training Schedule overview (pdf) or go to the Full Schedule.

HFC, DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, cloud services, mobile devices, IoT, machine-to-machine communication: the work field of service providers, network operators and equipment manufacturers is changing at dazzling speed. As our market is changing so rapidly everybody needs to get educated on new topics and that's why Excentis is continuously refreshing its training content to match latest features and knowledge. Having one of our trainings will result in increased efficiency, trainees will thoroughly understand what they configure, monitor, engineer, debug, read and write support tickets about, etc. Practical situations encountered by attendees can be discussed, giving them many pointers and true confidence! Knowledge clearly sticks; interaction, quizzes, Q/A ensure that nothing will be forgotten afterwards. Attendees will get a training certificate and can contact us for support afterwards.

The trainings we currently cover are related to:

  • Cable Network Technologies
  • HFC
  • (Euro)DOCSIS (up to DOCSIS 4.0)
  • eRouter
  • Distributed CCAP Architectures - Remote PHY (R-PHY) - Remote MAC-PHY
  • Wi-Fi (including Wi-Fi 6)
  • (Euro)PacketCable (up to PacketCable 2.0)
  • Our products: XRA-31 and ByteBlower
  • Company tailored training and workshops


Check out the full public training schedule: Training full schedule or check out the schedules per job role below.

More info about the training contents is available by clicking through the trainings itself or in our portfolio document. Or just contact us! Topics missing? Let us know!

We also want to help you easily find the courses that match your prior knowledge and your needs. So, when looking for an Excentis training course, you can search by your job role or your perspective on the topic – network operations and support, R&D and engineering or Project Management. Of course, never hesitate to contact our team if you have doubts about which course or training path is best suited for you. Or in case you need customization, just contact us.

View our public training schedule per job role:


Why would you choose for Excentis trainings?


We’re not only trainers, we’re also engineers

Our secret? We’re not a training agency but a group of experts in network technology testing who love to share our know-how and insights. Our trainers are not just trainers; we’re engineers with tutoring skills. We develop the training sessions ourselves and give lectures based on our experience.

Combining theory with practical insights

Our training sessions are developed by our experts running projects on daily basis, who will also give the lectures. As a result, we combine theory with practical insights right from our test labs and the field. That means we know what you’re talking about, we can think along with you and we’re always happy to dive deeply into a specific challenge.

Independent partner

As Excentis is totally independent, our training sessions are absolutely unbiased, with no link whatsoever to a particular technology or solution. Our trainers make ample time to answer your questions during and long after the sessions.

You’re at the center of our courses

At our offices in Gent (Belgium) or at your own premises, wherever you are located, from Belgium to Australia, and in the language you prefer. Our professional training services can help your entire team or just one employee to dive deep into a specific network-related topic or provide a thorough introduction to a subject. This with any customization you might need, or even in the approach of a hands-on workshop!