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Contact us if you want to organize such a session in your or at Excentis offices/labs.


The workshops are based on a mutual predefined scope and time. The purpose is to have a custom workshop session with a group of people of the same company led by a subject expert. That way specific content can be discussed, or a more practical approach is possible. The workshops are still trainings but can be guided by the trainees, the workshops are however not intended as consultancy to solve individual problems.

The workshops that we currently offer are the ByteBlower, (Euro)DOCSIS and Wi-Fi workshop. Workshops are always tailored on a specific demand and the content need to be agreed on prior to getting an individual offer.

Workshops are only available when a company contracts to host it for a group of participants.

What can you expect?

  • A subject expert leading an interactive training session
  • Be able to ask all your questions within a predefined scope
  • Ability to have hands-on


To be defined.

Example topics DOCSIS

  • CMTS CLI configuration and feedback
  • Monitoring using SNMP MIBs
  • Creating a (Euro)DOCSIS lab network (RF setup, CMTS config, provisioning, ...)
  • Analysis of spectrum and modulation
  • Simulating customer traffic using the ByteBlower traffic generator/analyser
  • Creating a modem config file and testing the applied settings
  • Setting up voice calls
  • Taking RF captures and analysis


Depends on the topics of the workshop.