Excentis offers a unique testing service in a real home — a realistic, static, residential environment with controllable interference. This setting enables the customer to statistically compare Wi-Fi access points, as the performance is measured by a robot from different physical locations in the home, with different client types (laptops, tablets, smartphones,...) and with different operating parameters. This program can also be used for benchmarking.

At Dutch cable operator DELTA they have even made a video about our Wi-Fi house, to show to their customers that they're dedicated to quality! They work hard every day to offer the best internet in the Zeeland province (The Netherlands). Service specialist Dennis explains what testing services they use in the Excentis Wi-Fi test house:

DELTA: Wi-Fi house testimonial

Used with permission from DELTA.

Use cases for Product Manufacturers

  • Assess and quantify the performance of your Wi-Fi Access Points, and verify they match up to specific standards and benchmarks
  • Compare the performance of your APs with different hardware/software variations, to be able to make the best choice or select the best possible settings
  • Compare the performance of your APs with your competitor's

Use cases for Service Providers

  • Assess and quantify the Wi-Fi performance of currently deployed Wi-Fi Access Points, and verify they match up to specific standards and benchmarks
  • Compare the Wi-Fi performance of a newly selected AP with already deployed ones
  • Compare the Wi-Fi performance of different APs currently in your selection process

What our customers are saying:


Thank you for your excellent work. We found the report very interesting and we were happy to see the quality of our chosen equipment quantified and objectively confirmed.
I also feel the entire process has run very well. It was a pleasure working with you guys from the start to the final report.

— Henrik Häggman, Produktledning Bredband & Telefoni, Teknisk Produktchef, Com Hem, Sweden


ARRIS recently utilized Excentis’ Wi-Fi testing services to aid in the development of our new Telephony Gateway products. Excentis was able to quickly and repeatedly (the most important part) test our development samples to speed our time to market. The clarity of the data, and the ability to repeat the test after firmware and/or hardware modifications, enabled our engineers to quickly reach an optimized state and release our product on time.

— Bill Wallace, Vice President, DOCSIS CPE R&D, ARRIS


Read on for more details about the Test Environment and Example Test Results.

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Finally, here's an animated movie that explains the concept (animation only -- no sound):

Excentis Wi-Fi Performance Benchmark