The Wi-Fi industry is moving fast: new standards are being developed as we speak, new products and services are being rolled out at a high pace. But how do you keep control of this? Certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance® is only a first step: you have to go way further, and Excentis will help you do this.

Wi-Fi Testing Services

Our Wi-Fi testing services cover many areas:

  • Performance - We offer a Wi-Fi performance validation and benchmarking test service that is representative and reproducible! Read more about it.
  • Stability - Long-duration testing repeating traffic scenarios on multiple clients, with single AP, multiple repeaters, or in mesh.
  • Interoperability testing (e.g., mesh/repeater interoperability, client versus AP)
  • Physical level (MIMO, interference aspects with DOCSIS products, etc)
  • MAC level functionality, security, airtime fairness, auto channel selection, etc
  • Management, configuration and troubleshooting (SNMP, TR-069, HTTP, etc)

We now also support 802.11ax testing.

Contact us to further discuss about your specific testing needs!

Wi-Fi Training and Consultancy Services

Excentis also offers specialized training services, as well as consultancy services in various domains: architecture design, test plan development, auditing, troubleshooting, etc. Following pages provide some more info:

Key Characteristics

  • State-of-the-art test environment (Wi-Fi reference house, anechoic chamber, robot for automatic measurements, temperature chamber,...)
  • Reliable partner with proven track record. As the official certification test lab for the European cable market we're best known for our thoroughness of testing Cable Modem, E-MTA, Set-Top Box, Gateway, Router and CMTS gear.
  • Neutral and independent agency.
  • Highly experienced test engineers with in-depth knowledge. Excentis is also the main contributor to the Wi-Fi specifications for European Cable Modem Gateways.
  • Flexibility: we match your exact needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about how we can work together!