Performance on wireless networks

Wi-Fi is the most popular in-home network technology. This is creating great opportunities, but also big challenges. The industry is moving fast: new standards are being developed as we speak, new products and services are being rolled out at a high pace. But verifying performance and stability is big challenge.

In the same way as ByteBlower makes network testing easy on wired Ethernet networks and based on our expertise in Wi-Fi testing, we have extended our solution towards wireless networks. Working together with the ByteBlower wired traffic generator/analyser, the ByteBlower Wireless App provides the wireless equivalent of a ByteBlower traffic port.

Easy orchestration

Careful integration of the ByteBlower Wireless App in the traditional ByteBlower GUI makes it possible to setup traffic profiles (including DSCP/TOS control) and schedule traffic to/from any remote ByteBlower Wireless App.

Traffic results are visualized in real-time and are made available through a comprehensive ByteBlower report.

Fast automation

After design and verification of the desired traffic pattern with the ByteBlower GUI, the test can be repeated numerous times in an automated way. Scheduling of the test is done by scripted execution of the ByteBlower project or full automation through our APIs.