Making accurate IP testing quick and easy

Forget complex, time-consuming and expensive network testing. ByteBlower makes IP testing really easy. The ByteBlower traffic generator/analyzer helps you quickly assess the performance and stability of IP networks and network equipment. This all-in-one solution includes server, GUI and API client software, licenses and support at surprisingly low cost. It is available in different models, including packages to assess 100 Gbit Ethernet networks at dazzling speed. We also have a solution for your wireless testing needs through our ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint!

Key benefits

ByteBlower is an all-in-one package – no hidden costs! – that excels in user-friendliness, flexibility and scalability.

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From 1 Gbit to 100 Gbit

ByteBlower comes in different models to meet your specific testing needs. It can grow with your demands regarding performance, port density, latency, etc.

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Future proof

ByteBlower is in constant evolution to help you stay on top of network technology. We make it simple to add new technology and additional ports to an existing platform.

Extend your system with add-ons such as our Wireless Endpoints or NBASE-T ports.

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Wide range of applications

ByteBlower can be used to perform a wide range of network and network equipment tests – from performance, stability, scalability and latency through to functionality testing, in both a lab and a production context.

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An easy GUI, powerful automation

With ByteBlower, you can create and control your tests using different client software packages, including an intuitive GUI and a scripting interface for automation.

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