Experts in testing DOCSIS® products

  • Reliable partner with proven track record. We're the no. 1 independent test lab for DOCSIS® & PacketCable™ technology, best known for our thoroughness in EuroDOCSIS™ and EuroPacketCable™ certification testing.
  • Highly qualified test engineers with in depth knowledge and practical experience.
  • Neutral and independent, we provide our unbiased and reliable view.
  • State-of-the-art test equipment. Cooperate with us and avoid huge investments in your own lab equipment and resources when you cannot deploy them as efficiently as we can.
  • Flexible and customizable, to match your exact needs.

We offer

Excentis offers Certification, Pre-Certification and other Compliance testing. Other popular types of testing are Stability, Interoperability, Performance, Load/Stress testing, etc.

We have also significant experience in operator specific acceptance testing.

We offer our services for all worldwide regions (Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, etc), independent of the underlying specifications (C-DOCSIS, EuroDOCSIS, US DOCSIS, etc)


  • Meet deployment deadlines
  • Reduce R&D cost
  • Reduce operational issues
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Keep focus on your core business. Testing is ours.


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