With over 15 years of experience as the official certification test lab for the European cable market, we tested many hundreds of products for specification compliance. Running ATP tests and troubleshooting issues is our core business, and we are experts in it.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Confidence that your product will pass CableLabs® certification

  • Debug an issue or verify a fix for an issue

  • Test specific areas of your product, e.g,

    • PHY compliance of new hardware,

    • immunity against Wi-Fi or LTE,

    • country specific telephony requirements, etc

Spec coverage

  • (Euro/US) DOCSIS® 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1


  • (Euro/US) PacketCable™ 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, Multimedia

  • Cable Gateway (a.k.a eRouter or CM-Router)

  • CM Wi-Fi (including Community Wi-Fi)

  • BSoD/L2VPN

  • LTE Immunity

Test plans and ATPs

Our testing is based on the test plans that were developed by CableLabs, as well as on several test plans that were developed by ourselves. The test plans that were developed by Excentis can be downloaded from our website via the participants portals. It's also possible for you to provide your own test plans.

Please contact us to get a list of offered ATP tests and pricing.


Shorten your Time To Market

  • Fully automated and up-to-date test environment. Tests are run 24/7.
  • Test are operated by experienced and highly qualified test engineers. We immediately recognize any issues and provide you high quality feedback so that you can understand and fix them asap in order not to jeopardize time to market.
  • Many tests can be run in parallel, as we built many different highly specialized test beds.

Reduce Cost

  • Testing is our core business. We make the scale that justifies heavy investments in our testing resources (lab space, test and measurement equipment, testing engineers, automation, etc).

Top Quality

  • Highly specialized and fully controlled test set ups, built with the best available high-end test equipment (no commercial black box test platforms)
  • Fully automated and up-to-date test environment. Ensures that tests are always run in a reproducible way.
  • Test are operated by experienced and highly qualified test engineers (all have engineering degree). Our many years of experience in DOCSIS technology is key for quality.

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