Practical testing experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge: that’s what you need if you want to develop high quality and executable test plans. And that’s why Excentis is your preferred partner to help you with writing your test plans.

Here are a few examples of test plans already developed in the past:

  • MSO specific acceptance test plans for CMs, EMTAs, Gateways, CMTSs
    • DOCSIS HW compliance and performance test plans
    • DOCSIS 3.1 system validation test plans
    • DOCSIS 3.1 CPE HW and SW validation test plans
    • DOCSIS 3.1 batch acceptance test plans
    • LTE and Wi-Fi interference test plans
    • Field trial test plan
    • Etc.
  • Test plans for EuroDOCSIS™ and (Euro)PacketCable™ compliance testing (used in Cable(Europe)Labs certification testing)
  • Verification of Wi-Fi functionality (IEEE802.11g/n/ac/ax) in Home Gateways, Access Points, client devices...
    • Test plans for stability testing, interoperability, rate-versus-range, airtime fairness, interference resilience, auto channel selection, ...
  • Test plans for RF amplifiers
  • Testing of IPv6, DS-Lite
  • BSoD, L2VPN
  • ...