With Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) solutions cable operators can directly deploy fiber to the premise while leveraging their existing back-office HFC equipment and applications. All RF infrastructure stays in place, but now the fiber goes to the customer premises instead of getting terminated at the fiber node. This is especially useful for greenfield deployments.

In the Excentis test labs solutions for RF over Glass can be compared with their coax counterparts. Some example tests:

  • Measurement of the influence of Optical Beat Interference (OBI) when multiple upstream channels are in use, with or without channel bonding.
  • Measurement of signal clipping caused by ONT laser switch-on delay and its effect on the DOCSIS® preamble.
  • Measurement of Noise Power Ratio (NPR) in function of the input power to quantify the intermodulation distortion and to determine the dynamic range of the optical transmitter.
  • Measurement of the amount of downstream intermodulation (CSO/CTB) the RFoG system introduces.
  • Return loss measurement on RF ports on either side of an RFoG system.
  • Long term stability testing (data, voice) showing distribution over time of packet loss, voice quality,...
  • Checking for differences in service (from customer perspective) between coax and RFoG solutions, by for example running data performance/throughput tests, testing of voice quality, latency and jitter.