A lot of countries have their own specifications for the POTS interface (the analog telephone line). To be sure that your telephony adapters (E-MTA, ATA, voice gateway,…) are behaving compliant against the regulations of your country, you can count on our know-how and experience to verify every single parameter.

Some examples:

  • Ringing frequency, cadence and delay
  • Caller ID (FSK, DTMF, line reversal, timing, signal levels, calling name and number delivery …)
  • Supervisory tones (dial tone, busy tone, congestion tone, ring back tone,…): frequencies, cadences, levels, delay
  • DTMF tone detection, levels, frequency accuracy
  • Voice levels (A/D gain, D/A gain, end-to-end gain)
  • Voice quality, MOS, delay, jitter