Excentis also offers large scale CMTS testing. We have a setup in use with more than 500 Cable Modems to verify the stability and performance of your CMTS, also long term (order of weeks).

The configuration options are countless, here are some examples:

  • All Cable Modems are connected to ByteBlower Traffic Generation ports, to emulate the IP traffic of your choice (IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP,...)
  • Bulk call generation equipment can generate voice load
  • True field conditions can be simulated by adding noise to the RF setup, flapping CMs, ...
  • Monitoring tools can generate additional load on the CMTS, e.g., SNMP
  • Every Cable Modem can have its own specific configuration file
  • Every provisioning parameter can be configured (e.g., short DHCP lease times)
  • There can be some ongoing security attacks
  • ...