DOCSIS networks also provide support for a Layer-2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) service. This can be used by cable operators to offer a Layer 2 Transparent LAN Service to commercial enterprises. Or secondly, it permits a cable operator to support multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by providing a separate L2VPN for each ISP ("open access"). And thirdly, a separate Management L2VPN can also be used for the provisioning and management of Cable Modems, enhancing security.

Excentis offers a certification program that focuses on the L2VPN functionality of a Cable Modem, this to ensure that a submitted product complies with the specification and is interoperable with other products. The program is being offered under the CableLabs umbrella, and is available to both DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS based products.

Note that Excentis also offers a training about BSoD/L2VPN.