All EuroPacketCable specifications are mainly based upon the PacketCable specifications developed by CableLabs®. The deviations between the European and US versions are due to the differences in the traditional telecommunication systems used in Europe and the US. These are mainly related to the use of V5.2 and the differences in SS7 implementation. Another area of difference is the POTS interface between the E-MTA and the telephone, and supported CLASS features.

A detailed list of requirements for certification (specifications, versions, mandatory ECNs, MIBs, etc) is published in the Technical Requirements document that is available on the submission information page. Below are some further specifications and requirements Documents prepared by Excentis.

Excentis Specifications and Requirements Documents

EuroPacketCable 2.0 Requirements

The following specification provides all requirements and specification references for an E-DVA in a EuroPacketCable 2.0 deployment.

EuroPacketCable 1.0 / 1.5 Requirements

The following set of documents contains a detailed description of the exact requirements for EuroPacketCable 1.0 and 1.5 certification.

EuroPacketCable (1.0 & 1.5) requires certain drafts of the IETF versions of the MTA (draft6) and SIG MIB (draft 9) that are rooted under the Excentis MIB tree. EuroPacketCable 1.5 also demands the support of the extension SIG and MTA MIBs (drafts 4 and 1) that are rooted under the ECL MIB tree.