EuroPacketCable is the European standard for IP-based multimedia services over cable. Since 2003 Excentis offers a certification program on behalf of the European cable industry. The certification program verifies that a submitted product complies with the specification and is interoperable with other certified/qualified products. Since 2014 Excentis offers the EuroPacketCable certification testing under the CableLabs umbrella.

The initial version, EuroPacketCable 1.0, standardises IP telephony on top of the EuroDOCSIS access network, including solutions for quality of service, network security, interconnection with the PSTN, etc.

EuroPacketCable 1.5 adds a number of enhancements, such as T.38 fax relay and DTMF relay.

EuroPacketCable 2.0 makes a bigger change: it not only focuses on telephony, but allows for any IP based service. The signaling is now SIP based (instead of NCS), and the network architecture is based on 3GPP IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).

  • Go to the overview page of EuroPacketCable Specifications and Requirements
  • Learn how to obtain EuroPacketCable Digital Certificates
  • Access the EuroPacketCable Participants Portal (with test plans and other protected resources)
  • Submission details (registration, guidelines, schedule, submission fees) can be found on the CableLabs webpage. Note that EuroPacketCable 2.0 is currently not yet part of the CableLabs offer. Excentis does however offer private certification testing services based on the existing CableLabs and CEL specifications, and this to both MSOs and vendors. Contact us for further information!

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