Cable Modem

The EuroDOCSIS requirements are incorporated in annexes to the DOCSIS® specifications, which can be found on the CableLabs® website. These annexes describe the differences on the physical (PHY) layer between European and North-American cable plants.

A detailed list of requirements (specifications, versions, mandatory ECNs, MIBs, etc) is published in the Technical Requirements document that is available on the page with submission info.

Below are some additional specifications and requirements documents prepared by Excentis:


A working group discussed the additional requirements needed to incorporate embedded cable modems in a DVB-C set-top box. This working group contained participants from the leading chip and set-top box manufacturers, cable operators and Excentis. The goal of these requirements was to create a "black box" qualification process for a EuroDOCSIS cable modem embedded in a DVB-C set-top box. Further details on certification can be read in the guidelines document.

Here you can download the latest version of this specification;

The tests performed for the qualification of DVB-C set-top boxes with an independent or embedded cable modem, are the same as for an external cable modem with the addition of one test. This extra test verifies IP access to the STB by testing the echo application on the STB (details are in the STB spec above). Excentis uses ByteBlower for this test. To obtain a copy of the ByteBlower script just send us an email.