This certification program focuses on the router component (the eRouter) embedded in a Cable Modem, or Cable Gateway (CG). This router part includes functionality for bridging and routing (IPv4 and IPv6), DHCP/SLAAC, IPv6 transitioning technologies (e.g., DS-Lite), Network address Translation, etc. Besides the routing component, a Cable Gateway always includes a Cable Modem component, and optionally a voice component (MTA/DVA), a Wi-Fi module, video computing with ("headed") or without ("headless") video outs, and some more.

Excentis offers a certification program that focuses on the eRouter functionality of a Cable Gateway, this to ensure that a submitted product complies with the specification and is interoperable with other devices. The program is being offered under the CableLabs umbrella, and is available to both DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS based products.

Note that Excentis also offers a training on eRouter.