Automation helps save time

The command line interface, scripting language or LabVIEW™ driver allow different levels of testing automation, which helps users save precious time.

Control every bit and byte

While the GUI allows an easy yet flexible way of testing, the scripting API controls every bit and byte of your traffic test.

Examples to learn from

The ByteBlower scripting API comes with more than just the interface. A lot of examples are available, together with a higher-layer API and helper methods. You can find our examples on Github

Simple Documentation

The documentation of the different classes and methods is always at your side. At the Tcl command line, you can just call the documentation by providing the parameter "--help". From our graphical introspector, you can always use the right mouse button. Or online at

Supported scripting languages and platforms

We currently support Tcl on Windows®, Linux and Mac® OS X.