5 reasons why you will love ByteBlower:

Easy to use

ByteBlower is exceptionally user-friendly and can be controlled from any client desktop or laptop. The intuitive GUI has a low learning curve and quick set-up times. The results of each test are presented in a clear, easy-to-use HTML or CSV file.

Unlimited flexibility

ByteBlower allows an extensive range of tests in an all-in-one solution. Combining multiple protocols, latency and loss tests, TCP throughput tests, etc. can be done from one single point, with the flexibility of byte level analysis.

IP testing in no time

ByteBlower comes, as standard, with a platform-independent API, specially developed for Tcl scripting. The API provides the full functionality of the ByteBlower GUI and allows the user to fine-tune the settings. For fast test development, a Tcl-based higher layer API is available, which includes both stateless (e.g. frame loss, latency, etc.) and stateful testing (TCP/HTTP, etc.). Moreover, the command line interface allows different levels of testing automation, which helps users save precious time.

Scalability ensures true future-proofedness

Do you want to introduce new network technology, test thousands of devices at once or perform tests on 10 Gbit networks? ByteBlower allows you to easily add new functionality or expand your testing environment. New and older ByteBlower models, for example, can work together as one big system. Or the ByteBlower 2100 can be synchronized (pulse per second signal or PTP) with other ByteBlower servers to perform distributed latency measurements. In this way, ByteBlower becomes a truly future-proof investment.

Surprisingly low TCO

ByteBlower is an all-in-one solution that bundles the server system, GUI and API client software, licenses and software updates and support (one year). This approach makes it a very cost-effective solution. So that in-house testing becomes feasible for smaller network operators and equipment testing labs too.