One, single solution, endless possibilities

The ByteBlower network traffic generator/analyzer tool helps you perform exhaustive tests on IP networks and networking equipment. The possibilities are endless. Focused on performing tests up to layer 5 of the OSI model, including IEEE 802.1 Q (Vlan tagging), this one, single system is perfectly suitable for testing a wide range of network performance features. From the stability, functionality and performance of very simple devices up to very advanced networks under different types of traffic: ByteBlower helps you test it all.

A few examples:

Performance testing

ByteBlower is the ideal tool to measure and proof the performance criteria (throughput, frame loss, jitter, …) of Ethernet networks and network equipment (e.g. RFC 2544), both in labs and in real-life networks. The ability to provide reproducible results at line rate for all frame sizes makes it perfect for testing Quality of Service (QoS), SLA, you name it.

Not all network services require a high bandwidth. Some services require a low latency channel (e.g. gaming) or a channel with a low variance of this latency (e.g. voice calls). ByteBlower can measure such latency and jitter with great precision. This can even be done in a distributed way, while still sending and receiving traffic at line rate

Stability testing

The stability of network equipment is just as important as its performance. After all, replacing broken equipment in large networks is expensive, time-consuming and harms both the manufacturer’s and operator's reputation. ByteBlower was designed to test the stability over long periods, mixing different protocols in an automated way.

Complex scenario testing

With ByteBlower you can mix and individually configure the different flows, thus allowing for efficient execution of complex tests.

Feature testing

New network products come with new features. But do they work or are they useful? ByteBlower can be used to verify the performance of such new features. Every bit and byte is under your control.


ByteBlower can also help you compare different network devices or platforms and make a ranking based on reproducible numbers/values.

Scalability testing

Is your network scalable enough, i.e. can it expand its bandwidth to support an increasing number of users? Is the speed distributed evenly? You can check all these scalability features, and much more besides, with ByteBlower.

Combining different tests

Moreover, ByteBlower can also combine performance, stability and scalability testing. By simulating different end-users of an access network (cable network, DSL network or wireless networks) and perform extensive tests, ByteBlower can provide you with an in-depth insight into the performance of your network products/solutions.