Add more ports

Each ByteBlower model can be combined with one or more ByteBlower switches. A ByteBlower switch expands the number of physical ports, sharing the total throughput of the backhaul connection towards the server. Depending on the model, one or more options are available. The shows an overview of the compatibility between the different ByteBlower switches and ByteBlower models.

Add 1Gbit copper ports

The easiest way to expand your capacity is by adding a 1 Gbit ByteBlower switch. This is an ideal combination for testing access networks such as cable modems and CMTSes, DSL setups and more.

2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T

Do you want to test multi-gigabit throughput? Use the 2.5GBASE-T or 5GBASE-T ports of this add-on. Do you need to test a brand new Wifi6 AP? Combine this ad-on with our wireless endpoint solution. This ByteBlower switch can be either directly connected with your ByteBlower server or can be used in a daisy-chaining setup.


If adding one ByteBlower switch is not enough for your needs, ByteBlower can go a step further. If needed, a ByteBlower setup can be further expanded by adding up to 3 switches behind the first switch, a configuration called daisy-chaining.

Daisy chaining is only supported on 10Gbit ByteBlower servers in combination with a 1Gbit ByteBlower switch.

Of course, further needs can be met by adding extra ByteBlower servers to your setup, with the total behaving as one huge setup. Scalability to the max!

Use cases

Sequential testing

Many tests are performed on different units, where each unit is tested subsequently. In this case, all devices can be connected at the same time while the test is run on each unit.

Access network testing

In access networks, the bandwidth for each access device is much lower than at the back-end. In this case, the back-end can be connected with an e.g. 10Gbit link while connecting the access device (DSL modem, cable modem, ...) with a 1Gbit interface on a ByteBlower switch.

Large-scale testing

Testing on a large scale often requires many ports at lower speeds. In these large setups, the ByteBlower switch can provide many ports at a very good price.