Add more ports or connect wireless devices

ByteBlower is in constant evolution to help you stay on top of network technology. We make it simple to add new technology and additional ports to an existing platform. See below for different options.

Add extra ports

In need of more ports? Do you have multiple test setups you don’t want to change all the time? In search of support for new interfaces such as 2.5GBase-T or 5GBASE-T?

With ByteBlower, you can always extend your server with one of our ByteBlower switches. These are carefully chosen and specially configured devices that extend your testing capacity.

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Add wireless clients

Drawing from our expertise in Wi-Fi testing, we’ve developed the ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint: the mobile equivalent of a ByteBlower traffic port. ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint makes reliable Wi-Fi performance testing truly simple: just install the ByteBlower app on your mobile device, run the test scenario (via the familiar ByteBlower GUI) and you’ll get an extensive, crystal-clear throughput report in next to no time.

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