Excentis announces ByteBlower 2.0, the product's most significant software upgrade to date

ByteBlower®, the cost-efficient traffic generator/analyser by Excentis, is getting a software upgrade to version 2.0. This major software upgrade brings important new features to the ByteBlower server, GUI and API. It brings real-time results and a new reporting engine to the GUI. ByteBlower 2.0 is the platform for the upcoming 10Gbit ByteBlower models, but it is available for all current models as well.

The ByteBlower GUI 2.0 features a complete new reporting engine, which is both faster and more flexible. The resulting reports are now available in more formats and in new clean style. Users don’t have to wait until the end of the test to have the results: the new GUI reports the progress and live results during the test execution. Besides that, the GUI is more lightweight and much faster while maintaining backwards compatibility with current ByteBlower projects.

The ByteBlower Tcl API 2.0 received a major update. The API is streamlined with better naming consistency and has expanded to support all new ByteBlower server features. Still, the API maintains maximum backwards compatible with previous API versions.

The ByteBlower server 2.0 software received a brand new stack implementation. This implementation is faster and supports the upcoming new 10Gbit ByteBlower versions. It runs on a new optimized ByteBlower OS which allows easy upgrades, downgrades and an easy way to configure the system.


The new ByteBlower 2.0 software will be available in October this year and will be shipped with all new ByteBlower systems.

Customers will be able to upgrade to the new software free of charge, if they have a valid support contract. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

For more information on ByteBlower, please visit our website.

Excentis is an impressive team of expert engineers, testers, developers and trainers with decades of field experience, a passion for optimization and natural aversion to latency.



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