DOCSIS 3.1 Operations: register for our course on 5 June

By ensuring gigabit speed access and high network availability, DOCSIS 3.1 helps you keep your customers happy. Yet, does your team know the ins and outs of this fairly complex technology? Let us bring you up to speed! On 5 June, we’re organizing DOCSIS 3.1 Operations: a dedicated training course for people charged with monitoring the network quality and providing technical operational support.

DOCSIS 3.1 from an operational perspective

Part of our broad offering of DOCSIS 3.1 training courses, DOCSIS 3.1 Operations provides a full-day introduction to DOCSIS 3.1 tailored to the needs of people who need an operational perspective of network quality and performance.

On the agenda: a deep dive into the fundamentals of DOCSIS 3.1, enriched with more hands-on presentations that illustrate how DOCSIS 3.1 can help you optimize network quality and performance, so that you can ensure exceptional customer experience. Did you know, for example, that DOCSIS 3.1 provides a big Proactive Network Maintenance toolbox? In this session, you’ll discover how it can make your job easier!

Need to refresh the basics?

If for you – or for your colleagues – it has been a while since you completed the Level 1 training course, our half-day (Euro)DOCSIS Refresher course might be a good idea. If there’s enough interest, we will organize a session on 4 June – the day before the operator sessions. Drop us a line if you’re interested.

Experts, not just trainers

Wondering what makes our courses special? We’re not a training agency but a group of experts in network technology testing who love to share our know-how and insights. As a result, Excentis training courses are interactive and hands-on, as they’re based on our experiences. That means we know what you’re talking about, we can think along with you and we’re always happy to dive deeply into a specific challenge. Or as our customers say it: “I should have followed this course 10 years ago. It would have made my job so much easier.”

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about DOCSIS 3.1 for operations. Register now for the session on 5 June, at our offices in Ghent.

Can’t make it on 5 June? Or maybe you’re interested in an Excentis course on another topic? Check out our website for more details on upcoming courses.

Excentis is an impressive team of expert engineers, testers, developers and trainers with decades of field experience, a passion for optimization and natural aversion to latency.



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