Successful EuroPacketCable 2.0™ Interop week in Excentis

December 20, 2012 — Gent (Belgium) — From December 10 till 14, eleven vendors (Broadcom Corporation, Casa Systems, Compal Broadband Networks, Hitron Technologies, Incognito Software, Intel, IPgallery, Motorola Mobility, Sinicnet, Technicolor, Ubee Interactive) tested their EuroPacketCable 2.0 products in Excentis’ labs to successfully demonstrate interoperability and capabilities of the products.

For a whole week, chip and equipment vendors had a unique opportunity to test, refine and demonstrate the EuroPacketCable 2.0 capabilities of their equipment in the test lab of Excentis in Ghent. EuroPacketCable 2.0 is the next version of the EuroPacketCable set of specifications. While EuroPacketCable 1.0/1.5 focused on the delivery of fixed telephony services over a cable network, the 2.0 version is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem standard (IMS) (designed by the wireless standards body 3rd Generation Partnership Project – 3GPP) and enables cable operators to rapidly deploy new services beyond fixed telephony.

Participating vendors were:

  • With EuroPacketCable 2.0 EDVA (Embedded Digital Voice Adapter): Broadcom Corporation, Compal Broadband Networks, Hitron Technologies, Intel, Sinicnet, Technicolor, and Ubee Interactive
  • With Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS): Casa Systems and Motorola Mobility
  • With IMS core network components: IPgallery
  • With provisioning system: Incognito Software

Live demonstrations were organised on December 13 for cable operators in cooperation with Cable Europe Labs.

“Leading cable operators in Europe are looking at introducing a variety of new services to the consumer in both a flexible and cost-effective manner. The standard that enables this is EuroPacketCable. The interoperability event hosted by Excentis clearly put on show forward momentum made by some of our key vendor partners to bring EuroPacketCable 2.0 products to market for implementation in our networks across Europe,” says Peter Percosan, Managing Director of Cable Europe Labs. “Having Excentis work with both cable operators and their vendors is the sort of cooperation that is good innovation at the speed that the market demands.”

“Excentis has the expertise and a test lab with dedicated test equipment to support this interoperability testing. Moreover as neutral partner for the cable operator’s industry, Excentis is well positioned to bring competitors together for a successful interoperability event,” says Wim De Ketelaere, CTO of Excentis.

“The EuroPacketCable 2.0 EDVA specification was released in March of this year, so not that long ago. This interop event was a great opportunity for developers to further refine their products. Major progress was made in the areas of provisioning and IPv4/IPv6/Dual Stack operation, and I believe products will be ready soon to gain the highly regarded EuroPacketCable 2.0 Certified label,” Kristof Sercu, manager testing services at Excentis, concludes.

Together with this interoperability event Cable Europe Labs and Excentis have announced the start of the EuroPacketCable 2.0 certification process for EuroPacketCable 2.0 EDVAs. The EuroPacketCable 2.0 certification process can ensure cable operators that certified products are compliant to the specification, as so can prove interoperability and readiness for future services. The certification process is added to the currently running EuroDOCSIS 2.0/3.0 and EuroPacketCable 1.0/1.5 certification processes.

For more information, contact:

Luc Martens, CEO at Excentis
Address: Gildestraat 8, 9000 Gent, Belgium | Phone: +32 9 269 22 91 | E-mail:

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Its consultancy ranges from architecture designs, audits and operational support to field problem solving. Excentis executes specific test programs on network components and acts as an independent company to perform certification testing for EuroDOCSIS™ and EuroPacketCable™ equipment on behalf of the European cable operators (Cable Europe Labs). The Excentis Training Centre offers standard and custom made training programs on the most recent telecommunication technologies. Excentis also develops test and monitoring products, like the ByteBlower TCP/IP traffic generator and analyzer and VoIPexaminer monitoring tool For more information, visit our website or contact us at

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