Now available: ByteBlower 2.0

ByteBlower 2.0

Excentis just released the long anticipated, feature-rich ByteBlower® version 2.0.

This major update brings a bunch of highly demanded features to ByteBlower and prepares our platform for the future.

This update of ByteBlower is available from the support portal and is free of charge for customers with a valid support contract. It contains:

  • ByteBlower GUI version 2.0
  • ByteBlower Server version 2.0 for both 1×00 and 2100 series

We will be releasing an updated version of the API shortly.


There’s a list of all ByteBlower 2.0 changes on the support portal, but here are the highlights.

Results in realtime

The 2.0 GUI brings you key features, such as a realtime view and a new reporting engine with results over time graphs. The realtime view makes sure you’re no longer in the dark about what’s happening during test execution, by showing dynamic network information and realtime flow results. It informs you about address information, current bitrates, active flows, …

Watch the video to see it in practice.

Graphs over time

Our GUI reports have been appreciated since the early days of ByteBlower, for bringing forward the test results that matter. Our new reporting engine builds on this strength with a restyled but familiar report template. In addition to the new style, we also feature graphs with the results over time. You can now see the evolution of the throughput and network conditions over the total duration of the test.

Watch the video on the ByteBlower reports to see it in practice.

Server update and restore

The ByteBlower 2.0 GUI requires the 2.0 server release. This new server code brings all the necessary support for the new GUI features, combined with an improved performance and a redesigned server upgrade/downgrade mechanism.


Because of the major changes in the communication between the ByteBlower server and GUI, the new ByteBlower GUI 2.0 and newer will only be compatible with ByteBlower server version 2.0 and later.

If you want to use a mixture of ByteBlower 1.x and 2.x servers, you can install both GUI versions next to each other.

Future release announcements and version numbering

With the release of version 2.0, we also change our version numbering strategy. The new strategy will be applied on all software packages, including the GUI, API and server software. Each release will have a version number “X.Y.Z”, where

  • X is the major version number. The Server and Client software can only communicate with each other if they have the same major number. E.g. the new 2.0 server software can only used by clients running software version 2.x.x.
  • Y is the minor version number. Each increase of the minor version indicates a new version bringing new features, protocols, …
  • Z is the patch version number. If an issue is found, we will release a patch and increase the patch version number.

For new major and minor versions, we will send a release mail. Patches will be announced on our support portal.

Download ByteBlower 2.0 now

Excentis is an impressive team of expert engineers, testers, developers and trainers with decades of field experience, a passion for optimization and natural aversion to latency.



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