What is VoIPexaminer

VoIPexaminer uses distributed monitoring of telephone conversations to examine the sound and connection quality of VoIP networks. The call data is correlated with the network topology and the device types —both automatically detected— and used by the advanced reporting and alarming engine.

Reporting and detection of problems

One of VoIPexaminer's advantages is that users can choose how the collected data is presented to them:

  • Automated reports (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly);
  • Alarms (e.g. when packet loss reaches a certain percentage);
  • In real-time through the system's web interface.

VoIPexaminer not only reports that there is a problem, but also helps find its cause. This is done by tracking the packet loss (or another measured quantity) back to individual CMTSs, upstreams, downstreams, nodes and MTAs.

Distributed software system

Because VoIPexaminer uses off-the-shelf servers, this software solution is both cost-efficient and easily expandable. The number of servers required depends on the size and the nature of the deployment, and grows with the network. Users can horizontally scale and upgrade the system step-by-step, thus spreading the investment.

Useful in many ways

VoIPexaminer offers a complete overview of the service quality at all times, which makes it useful throughout your entire organization:

  • Network operations and maintenance staff can use the information to check the network health and drill down to check the detailed call data for individual customer cases.
  • The Engineering staff gets the information they need from both a real-time and historical overview of the service quality.
  • Management gets a birds-eye view of the real network quality —as it is actually experienced by customers— which allows trend analysis.