Accurate network problem detection

  • VoIPexaminer monitors your network for packet loss 24/7. The alarming engine indicates problem areas in real-time and allows for easier and faster root cause identification of network problems.
  • VoIPexaminer correlates call data with the DOCSIS network topology and the device types. The detection processes are automatic and require a minimal amount of user input.

Insight in quality and performance evolution

  • By constantly monitoring, VoIPexaminer gives an exact indication of the network quality at any given time.
  • Easy yet advanced reporting of key network quality indicators allows assessment of service quality and performance over time.
  • Historical data is available for trend analysis and assessing the impact of maintenance efforts.

Lower operational cost

  • The technical staff spends less time solving problems.
  • Proactive issue identification reduces the number of calls to the help desk.
  • Because all departments use the same tool, only one system needs to be acquired and maintained.

Increase of customer satisfaction

  • Faster and more accurate problem detection significantly lowers the time to solve problems and thus reduces customer downtime.
  • Problems are proactively detected and solved before customers even experience them.
  • All individual customer calls are monitored and analyzed. The detailed call related information allows the help desk to better assist with individual problems.

Smarter investments

  • The identification of problem areas facilitates more targeted investments. VoIPexaminer wil provide you this information in just one simple click.

Future-proof investment

  • VoIPexaminer runs on off-the-shelf hardware and can integrate with existing systems and databases.
  • It is a scalable system that grows with your deployment.
  • Based on open standards and supporting multiple protocols (NCS, SIP) this is one single solution to serve all users.
  • VoIPexaminer offers full EuroDOCSIS 3.0 support, which guarantees future-proof usability of the application.