White Paper Alert: Unveiling the Power of L4S and Wi-Fi 7


Sneak peek into Latest Wi-Fi 7 and L4S Trials at the Excentis’ Wi-Fi House

Are you eager to explore the latest network advancements? Intrigued by the buzz around L4S and WiFi-7? Curious about how would L4S perform over WiFi-7? Your wait is over!

At Excentis, we thrive on pushing boundaries. With our cutting-edge network testing tool “ByteBlower,” we’re not just testing networks—we’re shaping the future of network technology. Our commitment to exploring WiFi-7 capabilities, such as MLO, combined with ByteBlower’s ability to test L4S across All Access Networks, sets us apart in the field.

Our Wi-Fi house is primed to provide you with objective answers to make the right technology decision. It’s time to embark on a journey of exploration and redefine your network experience with Excentis.
Want to know more? Click here to download our white paper.

Excentis is an expert team of network, hardware and software engineers, testers and trainers, with decades of lab and field experience, a passion for optimization, automation and natural aversion to latency. How can we help?

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