ByteBlower covers CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 interop traffic needs

For the second time in as many months, Excentis supports an industry DOCSIS® 3.1 interop event with traffic generation.

During these interops – organized by CableLabs®, the cable industry R&D consortium – a multitude of CMTS and cable modem manufacturers work together to detect and debug interoperability issues with regards to the new DOCSIS 3.1 specification.

ByteBlower provides the multi-gigabit data rates made available by this new technology for cable broadband.

With on-site support from Excentis, CMTS and modem vendors are blasting upstream and downstream traffic through their devices to test performance, stability, loss and latency.

September participants: Arris, Cisco,  Casa, Huawei (CMTS); Broadcom, Intel, STMicroelectronics (CM silicon); Arris, Askey, Castlenet, Cisco, Humax, Netgear, Pace, Sagemcom, Technicolor, Ubee (CM); Averna, ComSonics, Excentis, Rohde and Schwarz, Trilithic, Viavi (T&M).

November participants: Arris, Casa, Gainspeed, Harmonic, Huawei (CTMS); Intel, STMicroelectronics (CM silicon); Arris, Askey, Hitron, Humax, Samsung, Technicolor, Ubee; Averna, Excentis, Keysight, Rohde and Schwarz (T&M).
The November interop still runs until November 11, 2015.

CableLabs published a movie from the September interop demo day on YouTube: DOCSIS 3.1 Technology Demonstrations.



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