Performance on wireless networks

Wi-Fi has become the standard for connectivity in homes, offices and public places. Yet as standards, products and services move so fast: how do you test the performance and stability of your Wi-Fi access points? Discover how our popular, intuitive ByteBlower® traffic generator now also helps you test wireless networks!

How it works? Based on our wide expertise with Wi-Fi testing, we’ve now developed ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint: the mobile equivalent of a ByteBlower traffic port. ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint makes – reliable – Wi-Fi performance testing really simple: just download the ByteBlower app on your mobile device, run the test scenario (via your familiar ByteBlower GUI) and you’ll get an extensive, crystal-clear report on the throughput in next to no time.

Check out our introductory movie:

ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint Demo


Read on for more details about the technical specifications, supported devices and platforms.


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