New 8-port gigabit ByteBlower 2200

We’ve added a new member to our ByteBlower family of user friendly traffic generators. The brand new ByteBlower 2200 is the bigger brother of the ByteBlower 2100 and has 8 line-rate 1 Gbit interfaces (while the ByteBlower 2100 has 4 of them). Each interface can be combined with a ByteBlower switch, bringing the maximum total number of traffic ports to an amazing 384 ports for one system. And if that’s not enough, you can still combine multiple systems into one massive system like before.

We’ve doubled the number of gigabit interfaces and doubled the performance while keeping the ByteBlower 2200 built around the same hardware as the ByteBlower 2100. It has the same size and features, such as 20ns latency measurements and realtime results.

The ByteBlower 2200 provides a great upgrade path for current ByteBlower 1300 or 2100 owners. The ByteBlower 1300 and 2100 models continue to be part of our current offering however, so with all three models available you now have even more choices in the 1 Gbit ByteBlower product line. For covering 10 Gbit needs we have the ByteBlower 3100 and 4100 models available.

For more information, visit the ByteBlower 2200 product page.


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