DOCSIS 3.1 TLVs added to the free Excentis Cable Modem Config File Editor

Excentis has released version 2.0.0 of the free Cable Modem Config File Editor.

New Features:

  • new TLVs added (includes all DOCSIS 3.1 TLVs!):
    • 70: Upstream Aggregate Service Flow
    • 71: Downstream Aggregate Service Flow
    • 72: Metro Ethernet Service Profile
    • 73: Network Timing Profile
    • 76: CM Upstream AQM Disable
    • 79: UNI Control Encoding
    • 81: Manufacturer CVC Chain
    • 82: Co-signer CVC Chain
  • new service flow SubTLVs added:
    • 36: Aggregate Service Flow reference
    • 37: MESP reference
    • 39: Service Flow to IATC Profile Name Reference
    • 40: AQM Encodings
    • 41: Data Rate Unit Setting
  • added eSTB encodings
  • added cheat mode in CLI
  • updated installer with improved Mac OSX JRE detection


  • fixed adding Generic (Sub)TLV with high TLV numbers
  • fixed Energy Management TLV location parsing issue
  • fixed warning when adding TCP/UDP classifiers in an IPv6 classifier

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