Digital Certificates for EuroPacketCable

EuroPacketCable makes use of digital certificates for authentication of devices and software. The signing of digital certificates is performed by Symantec (formerly VeriSign), with which Excentis has a secured agreement for the delivery of the services. On this page, all available Excentis and VeriSign documents can be found to get an authorization for a EuroPacketCable manufacturer or Service Provider certificate authority and to obtain manufacturer or service provider certificates signed by the EuroPacketCable MTA root key or EuroPacketCable Service Provider root key.

For more detailed requirements regarding the use of certificates, please check the document “EuroPacketCable Certificate Requirements”, which can be downloaded from the Specifications section.

Information for vendors

Before you can obtain a EuroPacketCable root key signed Manufacturer certificate, you first need to get authorized by Excentis. Contact for help.

The following documents contain the procedure and the required information forms that need to be returned to Excentis.

Information for service providers

EuroPacketCable Root Certificates

EuroDOCSIS Certificates

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