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Wi-Fi 6 is the newest standard for Wi-Fi networks – but are devices making full use of its capabilities? We tested a handful of Wi-Fi 6 devices to find out.
Will the 5G standard ensure faster braking with self-driving cars? Explore the results of our real-life test at Excentis.
Latency has a big impact on the user experience. Learn more about what it is and why you should monitor it.
Boost network speed beyond 1Gbps without expensive cable upgrades? You can! Check out the whys and hows of the new 802.3bz (NBASE-T) Ethernet standard.
We need Wi-Fi everywhere! People are expecting whole-home coverage and if new features like fancy antennas or beamforming technology don't cut it, strategically placing additional Wi-Fi gear in a home should increase the coverage area. However, after setting it all up, these secondary access points, repeaters and other equipment should play nice and act as one big happy network that we can use throughout the home. To help realize this, the Wi-Fi standard provides the Wi-Fi seamless roaming functionality. Let's find out the do's and don'ts in this blogpost.
Although Wi-Fi operates at different frequencies than the ones used by the DOCSIS system, many interference cases have been observed. The interference can have an impact on the DOCSIS system, on the Wi-Fi system or on both.