Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Wi-Fi. Wireless is so much more convenient than plugging cables in every time we want to access the internet. But despite this epic convenience, we’ve all been let down by disappointing or frustrating Wi-Fi experiences.

Excentis offers solutions. Through our 3-pillar approach, we empower service providers and product developers to deliver Wi-Fi experiences that consistently delight end users.

The tech is important – but it’s the experience that counts

From a simple wireless system invented to connect electronic tills, the Wi-Fi we know, love and sometimes hate today has evolved into an omnipresent solution that has gradually incorporated novel concepts like beamforming, MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and so much more.


Understanding and accurately evaluating established and the newest technologies, including Wi-Fi 6/6E, is a challenging and resource-intensive job that requires plenty of expensive and complex equipment. This testing is a necessity, but we prioritise what truly counts: the quality of the experience delivered by the wireless product to the end user.

It’s not the capabilities of the technology, but the experience delivered by the wireless product to the end user that matters most.

Excentis 3-pillar method

A deep understanding of the factors that impact the user experience makes it possible for us to assist you in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of diverse solutions as well as to comprehensively test and analyse them. Using our 3-pillar approach, we can empower you to deliver the best-possible Wi-Fi product or service.


1. Training: We educate and guide you – on your terms

Our training team is fantastic because we can bring you the clarity, knowledge and hands-on understanding you need to do your job, win time and offer even better services.

I think my personal experience, also in line with the input I received from other team members, is that the training was absolutely fantastic, exceeding the high expectations we had. The training was deep but understandable for the broader audience and trainer Tijl did a great job to keep the subject interesting and accesible. Those technical topics can get easily very dry if not presented properly.

— Endika Miragaya, Delivery Manager at Vodafone Group Services


Our trainers combine theory, practical insights and true expertise. They are experienced engineers who have spent their careers testing, performing research, consulting and developing products.

Why we stand out as your go-to training partner:

  • We act as an independent, non-biased source of knowledge and advice
  • Our trainers explain academic-level theory in down-to-earth terms that everybody can grasp
  • Our interactive, unconventional sessions range from high-level to in-depth
  • We tailor our campaigns and workshops to your needs, language and location
  • No question goes unanswered – we will always follow up with the extra workshops and guidance you need to fully resolve your issue


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2. Testing Tools: We develop testing tools to solve real-life challenges

With our industry-leading setup, we test in a unique, fully furnished house that replicates a real-life environment, clearly demonstrating the benefits, strengths and weaknesses of end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions and features in realistic use case scenarios.

Based on our own experience with our Wi-Fi house, we created the most intuitive and accurate Wi-Fi performance test tool possible: ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint. Easily test the performance of Wi-Fi devices in the same way that you test standard wired devices, including latency and jitter.

ByteBlower Wireless Endpoint, the mobile extension to traffic generator/analyzer ByteBlower, enables you to test the performance, stability, … of Wi-Fi networks and products in three simple steps: download the app, select your device and speed and then check the results.


What makes our testing tool so effective:

  • Accurately gauge, analyse and troubleshoot the performance and stability of networks and devices using real clients
  • Intuitive configuration and use (including mobile using ByteBlower WEP)
  • They come standard with years of built-in industry expertise and best practices
  • Test your Wi-Fi networks against a broad set of clients, from Android and Windows to iOS, macOS and Linux

Read a series on standardized Wi-Fi testing on our blog.


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3. Testing Services: We provide comprehensive testing services

Need expert help to audit your network or services, define the requirements of a new Wi-Fi Access Point, pinpoint the root cause of an interoperability problem? We have the expertise to efficiently assess Wi-Fi equipment, networks, designs and architectures or provide troubleshooting. From responding to high-level technology questions to helping you solve very specific issues in products or networks – we’ve got it all covered.


ARRIS recently utilized Excentis’ Wi-Fi testing services to aid in the development of our new Telephony Gateway products. Excentis was able to quickly and repeatedly (the most important part) test our development samples to speed our time to market. The clarity of the data, and the ability to repeat the test after firmware and/or hardware modifications, enabled our engineers to quickly reach an optimized state and release our product on time.

— Bill Wallace, Vice President, DOCSIS CPE R&D, ARRIS


Our experts offer end-to-end, rapid and cost-effective testing services, either at our own test labs or on your site. Based on our years of testing experience, we can help you assess and quantify the performance and stability of your Wi-Fi products. In addition, we’ll help you verify interoperability and decide what features you need to ensure the very best user experience.

Wi-Fi performance testing

You can call in our help to conduct a wide range of Wi-Fi performance tests, such as comparing the performance of your Access Points (APs) with different hardware/software variations, benchmarking them against those of your competitors or measuring the Wi-Fi performance of a newly-selected AP against those that are already deployed.

Wi-Fi stability testing

We help you guarantee uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections at all times through long-duration testing that repeats traffic scenarios on multiple clients, with single Access Points, multiple repeaters, or in mesh.

Features and interoperability testing

Our Wi-Fi house is the perfect environment to pinpoint and validate key features – band steering, roaming, automatic channel selection, WMM, etc. – that will help you ensure exceptional end-user experiences.


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