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Oct 11
1 day
online - Ghent Belgium
1 and 2
3 to 6
7 and up

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The (Euro)DOCSIS Technology & Protocol Refresher course refreshes in one day all fundamental aspects of the (Euro)DOCSIS technology up to DOCSIS 3.1. This course is meant for people who can benefit from a quick refresher of the previous attended Level 1 course. Mainly prior to attending the Level 2, DOCSIS 3.1, DCA or L2VPN trainings it is really worth considering this quick refresher of the (Euro)DOCSIS fundamentals.


What can you expect?

  • A good refreshment of the (Euro)DOCSIS Technology & Protocol course Level 1.
  • After attending this course the attendee will have refreshed its understanding of the (Euro)DOCSIS reference model and concepts.


  • DOCSIS Reference Model and its evolution
  • RF aspects
  • Modem initialization: Ranging, Topology Resolution, Provisioning, Registration, Best Effort packet forwarding and QoS, Dynamic Operations, Security and Monitoring (incl MAC Management messages)


You have attended the (Euro)DOCSIS Technology & Protocol Level 1 training or have equal knowledge of the technology and protocol.