Cable operators all around the world are working hard to provide their customers with high speed data services by making use of (Euro)DOCSIS® 3.0 technology. An important problem however is that as of today none of the available CMTS solutions are EuroDOCSIS™ 3.0 Qualified.

As an operator you want to have enough confidence that the CMTS products that you put in the field are behaving properly (and compliant with the specifications), this to avoid any interoperability issues with legacy or future CPE products that you may want to connect with this CMTS.

Also, you want to be confident that some other CMTS features that you want to start using later on will also work properly.

With the EuroDOCSIS 3.0 experience Excentis already has built up over the past years Excentis is your best choice when you’re looking for a partner to perform CMTS testing.

Some example areas of testing:

  • Stability (also under different environmental circumstances)
  • Throughput / performance testing
  • Voice quality tests
  • Downstream Channel Bonding
  • Upstream Channel Bonding
  • Partial service
  • Load balancing
  • RF performance
  • Spectrum switching
  • Protection against DoS attacks
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • IPDR
  • Support for PacketCable™, dQoS versus dQoS Lite, lawful intercept…
  • Support for PacketCable™ Multimedia

The testing can either be paid by the operator or by the vendor. In the latter case this creates pressure on the vendor to directly submit quality products.