Example case

An operator was already deploying DOCSIS 3.1 equipment (both CCAP and CM) in its network, but only with OFDM enabled in the downstream. The operator wanted to enable OFDMA in the upstream, so both the CCAP and the Cable Modems had to be tested in order to validate the correct behavior of the equipment using the new OFDMA channels.

Excentis project

Excentis was approached to define a set of OFDMA test plans, to verify the readiness of both the CCAP and the CM with regards to OFMDA. Excentis was also asked to execute the test plan. This included subjects like e.g., verification of OFDMA receiver quality of the CCAP, capability verification, power configuration and reporting, robustness (partial service, profile promotion and demotion), stability and much more.


The testing revealed some siginificant issues, triggering the operator to decide to delay enabling OFDMA. The vendors were contacted to fix their issues. Excentis provided them with the necessary input for them to understand, reproduce and fix the problems as soon as possible.

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