Cable operators are now deploying advanced home gateways instead of simple cable modems. New advanced services, the transition to IPv6 and the ever increasing number of connected devices push such gateways to support a multitude of services and devices — fundamentally increasing development time and deployment complexity. The engineering and testing teams are under constant pressure to get this new technology tested, approved and deployed on time to meet market demands. To reduce this pressure Excentis offers an extensive range of testing services during both the development and roll-out phase, to both equipment manufacturers and operators.

Testing areas

We've got all aspects of your home gateways covered (and this in all areas: functionality, specification compliancy, performance, stability, etc.):

  • DOCSIS® operation
  • IPv4 and IPv6 (routing, transition)
  • Telephony, PacketCable™ operation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Management and monitoring
  • Interference aspects (immunity)
  • Power consumption

Why Excentis?

As an independent company, Excentis is a trusted partner to the European cable operator community. It is the only certification lab for EuroDOCSIS™ and EuroPacketCable™ testing, and it also performs the certification testing according to the European standard for cable modem gateways. Excentis is a main contributor to this and other European cable operator standards. We are your best partner to enable a smooth deployment of new products. Find out more about us.