As a cable operator you need to be sure that the Cable Modems and EMTAs deployed in the field are conformant to your quality requirements. While this is of primary importance to the success of your business, it is time-consuming for your engineering team to perform rigorous acceptance tests. Deploying without rigorous testing might on the other hand result to major issues in your network.

To make sure that efficient, rigorous, timing-flexible acceptance testing is executed on the devices before you deploy them, Excentis offers Cable Modem and EMTA Acceptance Test programs. Based on your requirements and enhanced with our expertise we develop and execute the test plan. The testing can either be paid by the operator or by the vendor. In the latter case this creates pressure on the vendor to directly submit quality products.

Example areas of testing

The testing can cover the whole range of (Euro)DOCSIS®, VoIP (EuroPacketCable™/SIP) or other requirements, for example:

  • PHY-level testing / RF performance (e.g. calibration…)
  • Robustness (partial service, profile switching...)
  • Software upgrade
  • Configuration files
  • Digital certificates, serial number, MAC addresses
  • Stability (also under different environmental circumstances)
  • Throughput / performance testing using IPv4 and/or IPv6
  • Power consumption
  • OSS (SNMP access, MIB support,...)
  • Security measures
  • Voice quality, latency, jitter
  • Call feature implementation (e.g. FSK/DTMF Caller ID)
  • Analogue (POTS) line characteristics
  • Wifi stability, throughput, settings, connectivity