The EuroPacketCable Multimedia specification describes a general-purpose platform designed to provide quality of service to a wide range of IP-based, QoS demanding multimedia services such as live video, audio streaming, videoconferencing, VoD (Video on Demand), gaming, VoIP over SIP,... The specification includes solutions for billing and network security. EuroPacketCable Multimedia is based on the US specification PacketCable™ Multimedia developed by CableLabs®.

Excentis offers a certification program on behalf of the European cable industry. The certification program verifies that a submitted product complies with the specification and is interoperable with other certified/qualified products. Since 2014 Excentis offers the EuroPacketCable Multimedia certification testing under the CableLabs umbrella.

Specifications and Requirements

The normative specification for EuroPacketCable Multimedia certification is the PacketCable Multimedia specification developed by CableLabs. Additional requirements regarding stability can be downloaded below.

Test Plans

The Excentis test plans for EuroPacketCable Multimedia are available upon request.

Submission Information

Submission details (registration, guidelines, schedule, submission fees) can be found on the CableLabs webpage.


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