This program focuses on the Wi-Fi component embedded in a cable modem or gateway. Overlap with Wi-Fi Alliance testing is avoided: this testing starts where the Wi-Fi Alliance certification stops. Support of a community Wi-Fi service was one of the main drivers for this program, but the architecture and requirements provide support for other Wi-Fi based services as well.

Note: the standard EuroDOCSIS certification program includes some Wi-Fi related testing: this testing verifies if the Wi-Fi component embedded in a Cable Gateway does not cause any electromagnetic interference on the Cable Modem.


Test Plans

The test plans are available on the EuroDOCSIS participants portal.


At this moment the CM Wi-Fi or Community Wi-Fi program is not part of any official certification program yet. Excentis does offer private testing services based on the above standard and test plans however, to both vendors and MSOs.

Other Wi-Fi related services

Note that Excentis also offers a range of other Wi-Fi related services and also a technical training on Wi-Fi.