Increase customer satisfaction and lower your costs:
The most powerful DOCSIS monitoring suite, built by DOCSIS experts.

DUDE is a powerful, extensive and customizable DOCSIS® monitoring suite built by DOCSIS® experts.

A mission control of your network, detect the location and source of issues in order to correct faster, more efficiently, and to help prevent problems thus lowering costs ánd increasing customer satisfaction.

Pro-active alerts to inform, assess and prevent

DUDE is built by software engineers to not only keep tabs on a huge amount of data, but to make sense of it, so we can set up alerts at specific points in your network to help prevent issues and downtime. Prevention is better than cure, this can significantly increase the service to your customer and reduce troubleshooting costs in many layers of your network.

Flexible system architecture and custom connectors

Because we are software engineers, the system architecture is designed to be agnostic, scalable and easy to connect to virtually any existing system. Custom and performant translation layers built by our in-house team connect your systems, no more patchworks of home brewn monitoring tools, but one integrated solution.

Powerful tools for companies and network operators

DOCSIS® 3.1 monitoring, OFDM/OFDM-A oriented, an essential part of PNM (Pro-Active Network Management), PMA (Profile Management Application) and extensive customization possibilities to set up comprehensive mission control with monitors and alerts for your or your client’s network.

Network Operations Center

Increase the service to your clients, and prevent down-time.

Field engineers

Detect points of failure quickly and solve the problems more efficiently.


Increases the knowledge and insights to help with planning and pro-active measures.

Network Management

Powerful and transparent PKI monitoring of the entire network.


Adaptive system architecture

Tailored to your network setup and configuration.

Modern application stack

Scalable and modular stack in modern languages and frameworks.

Legacy friendly

Can include your legacy montoring systems for pragmatic transitioning.

Built for quick deployment

System-agnostic, runs in any default virtual environment, grows as you grow.

Intelligent alert system

Powerful yet easy to set up to get informed quickly, with the right information.

Modern and intuitive user interface


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